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Re: RC: Fw: Re:more CTR

Yikes!  Sounds like an accident waiting to happen!  Not that an experienced
horse person can't detect a lot but they don't have a vet's training!  What
happens if a horse gets into trouble?  In our club we have 2 judges, a vet and a
"lay" judge, who can be a vet or any knowledgable horse person.  The vet checks
the metabolics, soundness, filling, etc.; the lay judge checks tack areas, trail
lesions, and such.

MCShasa wrote:

> > .  At that check and ALL of the other vet checks normally
> > > hydration, mucus membrane, gut sounds, soundness and all the usual stuff
> > are
> > > DEFINITELY checked.  On Saturday's portion of the ride those things are
> > > checked at least 4 times during the day, and on Sunday 3 times.  Most of
> > > those checks happen out on the trail.  The criteria the horses have to
> > meet
> > > is actually tougher than at an endurance ride
>  When I saw this, I just had to jump into this CTR stuff.  In Wash state,
> our
>  CTR's have NO vets present on the grounds and NO check is EVER made of
>  pulse, respiration, gut sounds, etc.  at any time during or after the ride.
>  The horses are judged by other experienced riders on their 'condition'
>  before and after the ride.  They look to see if the horse is tired or has
>  any bumps and bangs or back soreness.  Then a short trot-out.  That's it.
>  Being tired seems to be a primary concern and I'm not sure how they judge
>  that with a laid-back horse.  There is nothing remotely scientific about
>  this judging.  I do them anyhow because they provide a wonderful learning
>  arena for horse and rider.
>  Barb
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