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Re: RC: Nothing fun! So Tevis...

hehe, well I'm hoping to do Tevis on July 24th on Rocky, then the Morgan 
Springs 100 on Weaver on July 31st - the following weekend.    We're just 
going to complete - it'll just be Rockheads third 100.  I'm trying to get 
his body condition score up a bit - he is about 4.5 to 5.0 now ....odds are 
definitely in your favor if you've got a horse in the 5 to 5.5 range.  See 
Susan's info on Tevis 
horses:  (which reminds me 
- somebody is outside tied up to the post with a big bucket of beet pulp 
and his fat pak.....better go see if he's finished yet!)

Looks like it'll be a bit warmer this year for Tevis.  oh boy ;-0

Karen (who likes 100's the best--miles that is, not temps!) :-))

At 09:37 PM 6/26/99 -0400, Teddy Lancaster wrote:
>Wait a minute!!!!  Isn't the Tevis 2 weeks before the Pan Am?  Who in their
>right mind would ride 2 100's two weeks apart?  (Yes, I know, different
>Teddy (who no longer CARES to do a 100!!)
> wrote:
> > There doesn't seem to be anything REALLY fun on ridecamp lately so here
> > goes....
> >
> > It looks like " Range Richardson " is going to try and emmulate his dad
> > Potatoe and become the Danielle Kannavy of the West Coast. He is riding
> > his dad's horse that won the Tevis last year and I wonder if he will
> > get out in front and follow the same trails and race as his dad did last
> > year. The horse sure knows where to go.
> >
> > It will be a very interesting field this year at Tevis as many of the
> > top riders and horses are slated to go to the Pan Am international
> > event. I am sure that there will be a good turnout but it will be a
> > surprise to see who does well. Ruby the Mule and Sandy won't be there at
> > Tevis but maybe Frank Smith and Little Buckaroo can fill their place?
> >
> > Marcia Smith is riding Ed and Ona Lawrence is coming so anything can
> > happen. Susy Kelly has borrowed a really fast horse of Larry and Rene
> > Bowers that won the Californios 100 and set a record by about an hour
> > and I hope that she comes to race. Hugh Vanderford did really well at
> > the Summer XP (2nd overall for five days) so his horse could be in the
> > top ten, and Gloria his wife has a strong horse too.
> >
> > Can't wait to see who is left in the field at Forest Hill!!
> >
> > Steve Shaw
> >
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Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,880 miles
& Rocky, 1,595 :+)

Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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