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Nothing fun! So Tevis...

There doesn't seem to be anything REALLY fun on ridecamp lately so here

It looks like " Range Richardson " is going to try and emmulate his dad
Potatoe and become the Danielle Kannavy of the West Coast. He is riding
his dad's horse that won the Tevis last year and I wonder if he will
get out in front and follow the same trails and race as his dad did last
year. The horse sure knows where to go.

It will be a very interesting field this year at Tevis as many of the
top riders and horses are slated to go to the Pan Am international
event. I am sure that there will be a good turnout but it will be a
surprise to see who does well. Ruby the Mule and Sandy won't be there at
Tevis but maybe Frank Smith and Little Buckaroo can fill their place?

Marcia Smith is riding Ed and Ona Lawrence is coming so anything can
happen. Susy Kelly has borrowed a really fast horse of Larry and Rene
Bowers that won the Californios 100 and set a record by about an hour
and I hope that she comes to race. Hugh Vanderford did really well at
the Summer XP (2nd overall for five days) so his horse could be in the
top ten, and Gloria his wife has a strong horse too.

Can't wait to see who is left in the field at Forest Hill!!

Steve Shaw

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