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horse prices

Okay, folks...I think that poster wanting cheap horses was aiming at me!
I have a great deal of difficulty selling"my friends."   I have given
away one and sold tw others for peanuts, however, to good homes that I
checked out husband is now refusing to let me give more
horses away so i have to be really careful about acquiring more.....One
lovely gelding had always been desired by a charming 16 year old girl.
Her mother and I talked extensively about this and I actually accepted a
dollar for him (seven year old, 15 hand gelding) to make the "sale"
legal.  think that match was meant to be....7 years later they have
cleaned up in dressage competitions and are really bonded.   The second
was a 12 year old anglo, trained in first level, good trail horse,
consistently bottomed out and wasn't holding up to endurance.    I see
him out on the trails happily carrying his middle-aged, non-thrill
seeking lady friend on a regular basis.  His coat glows, he has an easy
life, and hopefully, it will be a long one..... The third was a family
style grade horse that I probably should have kept for my husband (who
would have thought he would ride!)  That horse was just resold (he's 22
now) for $800. to reestablish a young woman's confidence...she had been
badly hurt in a horse accident.   Each of these guys has his job to do
and has had  a good home. Sometimes people mean it when they say special
consideration to the right homr!  I don't know the person seeking cheap
horses but agree that folks with horses can sometimes manage the monthly
bills while not justifying spending big money on a horse. With modern
medicine bringing beg bills into vet care, this is more difficult but I
haven't regreted seeing these animals appropriately placed, even though
I took "losses"....I don't breed, I bought these horses and resold them
when 1. I had a baby and 2. got into endurance.  We board out and can't
keep a herd (darn it!)  jan freed 


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