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Re: RC: Re: Horses wanted

Heidi wrote:  "That sort of horse [sound, gentle, and trained so that a
child  can ride] is just about worth its weight in gold."

Anyone who has *actually* sold a 20+ year old horse that was sound,
gentle and trained so a child can ride for more than, say $1.50/lb,
please tell me.  Heck, let's make that $1.00/lb.  And if you have, make
sure you didn't trade for a beat up old pickup, but received real
money.  I am very curious to see if we are reading sentimental emails or
we are reading emails from people who can back up their comments with
"been there, done that".  If there is truly a real market other than
killer price level for good as gold old horses, I'd be shocked.  I'm
shocked at the suggestion that there is even a real market (defined as
sales for real prices which occur more often than eclipses of the moon)
for good as gold young horses.

Ads don't count.  We advertise, too.  We don't get the prices we're
asking for.  Lif

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