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Re: RC: Re: Horses wanted

Yup, I am a breeder and I am complaining. :) I lowered my prices a bit
and people STILL want a perfect horse ( well, he is, but he IS a little
green still!). WEll, if you know someone that wants a nice gelding, and
he isn't gone in a week, they can come get him for a 30 day trial. He's
broke and goes on trail and does puddles and streams, but he is still a
bit green. Not spooky though. He's probably worth around $4500 but I am
only asking $2500, and that's cause I gotta move 'em out. Plus he needs
to go do something besides sit in my pasture. That's not to mention the
other three horses that just need to be started and ridden. 
I am breeding SPECIFICALLY for sound horses SPECIFICALLY for endurance.
Using old bloodlines that were really good at it. 
On Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:28:11 -0700 Maureen Mathisen
<> writes:
>Well said.  That's why breeders complain!  You can't even raise and 
>a BABY  for this!  AND doesn't everyone want this kind of horse?  For
>themselves or someone they know?  Perhaps these folks are not "tuned 
>but this is a ridicules price to expect to pay for ANY  horse, let 
>the specifications given in the letter.  LOTS OD LUCK!  
>Susan Brahma wrote:
>> >12-17 years old, they need to be well mannered &
>> >calm but
>> >don't have to do any thing special.
>> >Horses must do well with beginners & be well
>> >schooled.
>> >Horses
>> >need to be able to be ridden & should be in good health,
>> >& they don't have to ware shoes. But their form should be
>> good as >well.
>>  >horses do NOT
>> >have to
>> >have papers, be registered , or be all Arabian.
>> OK folks, I really don't want to be rude, but $500-700????
>> If you add in 14.3-15 hands (only because of my size) I
>> would pay $3000-4000 for just such a horse!!
>> SusanB
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