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swollowing electrolites

I would appreciate some advice on how to get my horse to swollow his syringed electrolites.  I
I use 1/2 or 1/3 oz homemade electrilite mixed in strawberry yogurt in a 60 cc syringe.  He is not happy about my getting them on the back of his tongue, but he lets me do it.  I hold his head up, so he does not spit them out immediatly, and massage his throat.  But he can wait patiently for over 5 minutes, they spit them out whenever I let his head down.
It is going to be hot for our Ride next week-end, so this is no longer a game.  He has gotten better at every Ride!  Perhaps he is part camel?
Alison Craig   in Eastern Ontario, now 30 C every day.

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