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Fw: $$$$$$$ horses$$$$

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From: robert & carla lawson <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 9:33 PM
Subject: $$$$$$$ horses$$$$

>I got really lucky and found my sweet Baru from a guy who needed cash fast.
>He had just came out of a nasty Divorce. Baru has one fault her leg was
>pretty scarred up but she has a wonderful personality and is far from all
>the arab horror stories I have heard. But Folks if you honestly want the
>Horse you are gonna pay the piper or go search the papers and ads for
>till it is nearly winter and everybody has spent to much money on Christmas
>and the hay is getting Low. I understand Lif and Paul, they have spent much
>of their lives working on building a business and for some joe shmoe to say
>That is TO MUCH well go take a peek at some of the Bask and Kemosabe lines
>and tell me what the prices are? If you want the horse pay the price or
>your hole!! quit haggleing, quit whinning, and quit showing what an arse
>can be. This is not buying a used car this is buying someones HARD WORK AND
>TIME PUT INTO THIS H-O-R-S-E!!! they have already done the hard part.
>  I was at a show one time and I over heard to young ladies arguing over
>who's horse was better. It turns out the young lady that was being such an
>peon, her dad bought her horse from the other girls father. " My Horse is
>better than yours" said the girl
>" well my daddy made your horse and he can make one just like him except
>the funniest words I have ever heard. Turns out he did make a better one.
>But the Strands have taken some of the guess work out of making good
>Either you like the guess work or not. It is the price they ask ......

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