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horses wanted

I have a beautiful 15.3 hand quarter horse mare who I can't lease to anyone because she's navicular. People hear navicular and run for the hills. However, this mare does beautifully because of proper shoeing (the wild horse shoeing method has done wonders for her feet, but thats another subject)She wears regular shoes,  is on no medication and is very usable. I have team penned on her, done mountain riding and lots of arena work.Of course I would never attempt endurance with her, but for the kind of riding most people I know do, she's perfect. Very well trained, lots of go and areal joy to ride. I refuse to sacrifice this mare to a novice, but they are the only ones who seem to interested. Looks as if I'll keep her forever, pretty  much a pasture potato (no time to ride her, a green horse AND my endurance horse) a lot of people are missing out on a wonderful horse. Also one of the terms of my lease was she came back to me for whatever reason, lameness etc... really a no risk, great deal for anyone. In two years, no takers, but I've had friends buy horses at auction etc.. get burned, and still won't look at Babe! All I can say is it's their loss!

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