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RE Black Widow bites

My husband and I BOTH were bitten by the same BW spider. We had done a "bug
bomb' in the garage, and she must have moved into the house, as she was in
the sofa. My hubby did not even feel the bite. I got home and he was not
feeling well. I sat down to read the latest Western Horseman, and felt a
slight tingle on my arm. Looked, and she was climbing up under my sleeve.
Put 2 and 2 together, and figured out he must have been bitten when he was
reading the magazine earlier. Went to hospital. They took us right away. He
had 3 days in Cardiac Intensive care, I was home in a few hours. He got the
anti-venom, but they still kept him. One of the other signs is a red bulls
eye type mark where the bite was. You may or may not feel it bite you!

I know go out in the evening, can of raid in one hand, flashlight in the
other. I walk the property, and spray everyone of them I see. BTW, they do
not all have the red hourglass. Some of the younger ones might not have it
developed yet. Also, some have slight white "zebra" stripes on their backs.
I have noticed the webs will generally be very much like a daddy longlegs
spider. The way I can tell usually who lives in it, is daddy long legs will
be in the web day or night, where BW's usually hide during the day. Also,
they will not always be low to the ground. When she is ready to "hatch her
eggs" she will climb up high, like in an eve of the house, to drop her egg
sack with a good breeze to get her babies airborne. Now, is that more than
you wanted to know? Get your raid, and flashlight, and go hunting. I see no
use in having them on MY property! They also love to crawl into horse
blankets that are left out.

Jonni in So. Calif. where the only good black widow is a dead black widow.

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