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RE: chelle's questions.

Title: RE: chelle's questions.

I have experience with training two horses who came to me with rearing problems.  If you aren't an accomplished rider, SEND THE HORSE TO SOMEONE WHO IS for retraining.  It IS dangerous!!

If a horse goes up, I throw my weight forward to prevent him from going over backwards.  At the same time, I choose one rein to go way out to one side and pull down and OUT so that the horse is forced to fall into a circle in that direction.  We would circle til he was uncomfortable, stop, then ask for forward motion.  Repeat as necessary.  It worked well on these two horses.  Putting my weight forward and pulling them into a circle was effective.  I'm not sure that just poll pressure would be effective in a horse who is resistant to pressure.

Both cases, these horses had a jointed snaffle.  I don't think that using this wide direct rein would do much to the curb since you are pulling out to the side rather than back.

When starting a horse in any curb, let them feel what it does (gently) from the ground.  Approach it's use like you might break eggs in their mouth.  Most horses will not rear unless the person using the curb is exceptionally rough.

It is possible to round a horse in a hack (or any curb) with the use of a good seat and half halts.  When riding endurance, I'm not looking for "on the bit" like in dressage, but I don't want strung out, hollowed back, high head either.  Again, if a person's rough on the hack, the horse may hollow & raise his head to get away from discomfort.


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I have a great
fear of rearing horses....I'm concernd about strong curb action.......I
realize the rider has some imput here but how do you bring the horse
back down if your strongest force is on the curb instead of the poll?

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