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Re: RC: Re: Sleister vs. Arabian S Hackamore

A Sleister can be a VERY nice hackamore, but in the wrong hand, like the mildest bit, can be a disasters for the horse.  I, personally use and LOVE the sliester (and so does my horse)


Mskit wrote:

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Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 3:04 PM
Subject: RC: Sleister vs. Arabian S Hackamore
 Does anyone know what the differences between these two are?  I am interested Hi - I use a Myler from Toklat on my Appy mare, with a flat leather nose wrapped in sheepskin. It is the model with two sets of rings on it. The shanks are about 6 in. long, and curved. For a curb, I use a wide leather strap, no chain. The curb leather is fastened on the noseband rings, not the headstall rings, in an effort to get it closer to it's proper position (the chin groove). She does real well in this. I like the short shanks of the "S" Hack, but think the Sleister is too long, too much potential for hurting the horse. Good luck - Cheryl in WNYHorse kids Kit, Bobby and

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