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RE: RE:tying up solution

Title: RE: RE:tying up solution

My husband's horse is also pretty good at getting untied.  We had taken camp down after a ride and temporarily tied the boys to the trailer until after the awards.  We were in the lodge (300 yds away) at the awards ceremony.  Suddenly, there's a "thump" at the door.  Someone opens it, looks into the room and said "The rider of a black horse who is knocking"  (4 people stood up) "wearing a blue halter" (2 people standing) "wearing number 125" (all that's left is Mike) "please come to the door.  Your horse has a message for you."

It seems as though he untied himself & followed Mike.  We hadn't been inside for more than a few minutes.  Mike thought that Major carried that loyalty routine a bit too far.  We started putting the loose end thru the loop, too and added a trailer tie as a second tie line for short term restraint.


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<< Since so many horses are entirely aware of how to untie the so-called
 "quick release knot", I'm sure the tied horses would have a considerable
 advantage. They could even start without the riders! >>

Mine, mine! 

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