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Re: trailer tying?? Pet Peeves

Title: Re: trailer tying?? Pet Peeves


My personal feeling on trailer tying is it isn't safe - I've seen too many horse wrecked when they were trailer tied.  I admit that I've seen horses escape from everything (even ties), but I've seen no direct injuries from a panel or a wide-webbed, visible electric fence yet.  (We use 4" wide white nylon fence with a hot wire woven through it.  It LOOKS like a white board fence!!)  Of course, once any way of containing the horse fails, all bets are off.  Once free, they are an accident waiting to happen.  (as if they weren't anyway.) 

I've seen horses tangle in their ties and injure tendons & joints, get lacerations (including arteries) on the metal of the trailer, yank back and have tie rings hit them in the face/eye, have severe rope burn when tangled, and I have heard of (but didn't witness) a broken leg when a back leg wedged between the two tires.

You hit on my personal pet peeve for a trailer tied horse, though...  He makes constant noise that keeps ME up when I sleep in my trailer.  The only thing any worse is if I need to load him on the trailer overnight because of horrendous weather.  (hail, heavy lightning, rain & 33*F, etc.)   If it looks like a person is planning on tying out for a ride, I'll do my best to park somewhere else.  That way I'm not awake all night or administering first aid while someone is trying to wake up a ride vet who has sutures with him!


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Of course, you'll remember, dear, my horse was trailer tied and he lay down,
munched (you said you could hear him from inside your truck!  :) )

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