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"Karen J. Zelinsky" - Horse/ Mouse Pad

hey guys!
I did it!!  I did my first 50!!!!  ( years that is!) God, what training
it takes, eh?  Wake up, go to sleep, eat, clean barn, ride, ride, ride,
or avoid riding, pay bills,  work, et al.... where's the judge's for
life's 50-miler?  Where's the vet checks and pit crew?  Hmmm Anyhooo
...thought you would be interested in  the gift I received from my super
sister on Saturday -- appealing to horse-nuts like us AND it might give
you ideas of what to do, what to do, what the heck to do for a present! 
It was good 'ol Patty Lambert, my buddy/equine photographer who did the
first half of the present - a neat mouse pad with my horse's pic on it,
then sis gave me this poem to go with it:

Karen and the Mouse

Karen loathed mouses that lived inside houses;
Those in the ceiling she cursed at with feeling,
And when they had banquets on long winter nights,
She'd growl to her kitties, "Go put out their lights!"
But 'mong all the mice there was one [ital] that did suit her --
The one always hanging out with her computer.
She marvelled at how, through its long wire tail, 
It sent out and brought her a ton of e-mail.
K. liked it so much that this mouse, 'stead of squooshin'
She coddled and gave as a gift a wee cushion!
--A beautifully smooth and quite spiffy mouse pad.
In all of Computland the best to be had,
That featured the world's most magnificent horse
(There's simply no question ... that's Keely, of course!).
So now every day Karen plays touchy-feely
With her pampered mousie and breathtaking Keely.

Hollis G. Zelinsky
June 19, 1999

Now what more could one of us animal-nuts want for a present?  Our
buddie's pic to be constantly massaging with a mouse!!

Karen Zelinsky, ESMT
in weed-grown and in need of trail-blazing PA

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