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Spooking Theory

Hi all!

I have got a theory about spooking over rocks, and spooking in general.

You must realize something about rocks, and this is something all horses know 
instinctivley:  Rocks sometimes levitate and smash horses, and their 
unsuspecting riders!  So your horses are spooking in order to ensure YOUR 

Of course this applys to most spooks, our horses do it in order to protect 
us.  Arabs are of course, more sensitive to dangers, being raised for 
generations around people which makes them much more aware of how delicate us 
humans are.

A little story for you:  This weekend I rode with two freinds who are 
relative newbies to the whole trail/endurance thing.  Both of their horses 
are relative newbies too. (One is a Paso Fino/ Arab, the other a old-style 
Morgan)  We were riding at a trot, just crossed one bridge (easily) and 
coming up on another, I was in the lead on my nearly unflappable Appy/Arab 
mare, when a grouse hen flew out of the brush and actually hit my horse in 
the belly, right behind my left foot! It then flapped alongside of me until 
it managed to crash back into the brush.

Not one of the horses broke stride.

So, where does this all fit into my spooking theory?   Well, everyone knows 
grouse aren't dangerous to humans, right? : )

Julie, Rayna, and Jynx

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