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USA East to "kick-ass"

We did it!!! A great group of 11 riders and horses will be
traveling to Manitoba, Canada for the August 7, 1999 Pan
American Championships.

Chef 'd Equipe: Dwight Hooton, DVM - Georgia
Team Vet: Ann Stuart, DVM - North Carolina

The Squad in alphabetical order
        Cynthia Bell - Wameco - Florida
        Linda Crandell - LR Forgeym - Maryland
        Debi Gordon - Saizahra - Maryland
        Patti Pizzo - Savaq - Pennsylvania
        Dana Reeder - Wyle-A-Way Iris - Virginia
        Stephen Rojek - Hawk - Vermont

Alternates - In ranked order
        Lanna Wright - LL Stardom - Maryland
        Julie Bullock - Tashi Ashara - Virginia
        Constance Walker - DML Smoke Silver - Vermont
        Amanda Taylor - VP Bojtok - Pennsylvania
         Rita Swift - Cass - West Virginia

All are eligable to ride as individuals.  The actual team
will be chosen from the top six. All "alternates" are
eligable to move up to the top six if any of the top six be
unable to compete.

Please visit our website:  we
have some VERY good fund-raisers! T-shirts, Polos, Videos
(WEC 1999), bumper stickers, raffle for ride entries
(expires in a few days), breeding to endurance stallion and

Teddy Lancaster
USA East Co-Chair

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