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Re: RC: CTR rides not the same everywhere

In a message dated 6/16/99 5:13:18 PM EST, writes:

 Hey, let's not confuse poor Sandy. All CTR is not NATRC. Isn't Florida
 covered by ECTRA? Or do they have their own assoc. like Ohio does? I
 know that ECTRA's rules are very different from NATRC's. I haven't
 memorized AHAO's, but they seem to follow the IAHA National ride rules a
 great deal.
So true....all Competitive Trail Rides are NOT like NATRC.  Florida does have 
it's own sanctioning organization....South Eastern Distance Riders 
Association (SEDRA)....based originally on ECTRA.  It is a very progressive 
organization and is always updating the scorecard to reflect current 
knowledge in the sport.  Many top Endurance vets have had their input in 
improving our scorecard.  So if you're tired of NATRC rules and want a great 
place to start a horse and/or new rider...come on down to Florida (we have 
GREAT rides in the winter) and do some SEDRA rides.

Cindy Bell....SEDRA member since 1985
Wameco...2500 SEDRA miles......SEDRA Horse and Rider Hall of Fame
SEDRA Endurance Champion for 94-95 and 97-98

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