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Re: RC: XP junior


SO SORRY you got so badly injured.  Yes--a lot of my injuries happened
at home and at work--not riding in endurance rides.  MaYBE  because we
are MORE careful when we ride?

Is the "Hugh and Gloria" you mentioned "Vanderford"?  They are the
nicest people!  I still remember when they gave my mare a ride to the
hiway(up a very STEEP hill) out of one of Churstie Evans' rides( near
Burney) when my old truck was heating up and I was afraid I couldn't
make it up the hill-loaded!(the rest was mostly 'downhill" to Red Bluff
and at night when it was cooler)

They were SO nice.  I was SO tired and worried, and they took my
mare(making a special trip just for her as they were staying in camp for
the night) and met me at the top of the hill and I loaded up and made it
safely home.  They are always helpful--the epitome of what endurance
people are known for.PLEASE take it easy and heal.  You want this to
mend fully.  And I know--it will be REALLY hard!  Glad to hear your
gelding LIVED to see another day and wasn't badly hurt. 


DreamWeaver wrote:
> Bev won overall fastest time! :)
> great ride, we had lotsa fun!!!!   Linda C. will write all about it.  I did
> XP last week (250 miles) plus the NASTR 50 on the way there (ea. horse did
> 150 miles).  *Then* on last nite before coming home had a bad accident in
> corral panels w/ Alpo horse.  I bent under him, he did not see me & tripped
> over me.  We both got hurt, he fell into corral panels.  Thanks to everyone
> who helped me & esp.  Hugh & Gloria for driving me home.  Spent most of
> yesterday at ER.  Got nurse ratchet---owwwww.  Think that hurt more  than
> injuries ;^).  Can walk ok but both arms are toast - damn - left wrist
> broke & in splint.  have to dress wound daily, plus right shoulder is
> detatched.....going to a specialist monday to see how bad.  hate poking 1
> key at time on keyboard - ugh.  Guess I can ride the horses okay (over 4000
> miles & never come off or hurt on trail) just seem unable to stay out of
> trouble otherwise!!!
> Rocky is okay, thanx you guys for having Barney look at him (even though
> you did let him live) <g> anybody want a grey gelding?
> Happy Trails,
> Karen
> in NV
> & Weaver, 2,880 miles
> & Rocky, 1,595 :+)
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