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help--drastic hoof angle change

I bought an 18yo (14.2H) Tut/Raffles-bred mare 3 weeks ago.  She's tough,
been through a lot, but cheerful and well-broke and goes soundly and
quietly.  The question:  I took over an inch of boat-like toe plus her 3
shoes off the day I bought her, then the farrier just took off another bit
of hoof.  Now her feet look normal.  How long should we wait for her tendons
and joints to recover to start her light exercise?  She was kind of shaky,
at first (very bony) but now is looking just overconditioned.  She canters
into the pasture upon turnout now and doesn't tremble when she has to let
you have a foot to work on.

We turn her out to pasture with the other two now.  Do you think we should
wait another week, or a month, before light ponying her without weight?
Then how long to ride?

Jeff and Bridget Brickson

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