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Re: feeding

I have one comment/caveat for anyone who wants to use this site---don't get
me wrong, it's always helpful having tools like this to analyze your ration.
But, just in looking at the "sample ration analysis", the calcium/phosphorus
summary at the bottom reports that the ratio is 2.19 to 1, and that adding
11 grams of monosodium phosphate will correct this problem to a 2:1 ratio.
While it is true that adding some monosodium phosphate will produce a ratio
that at face value is "ideal", I personally would not be happy feeding my
horse (at least not a performance horse) calcium or phosphorus at that
level.  The ratio is fine, but both calcium and phosphorus are being fed at
levels well in excess of requirements---in the case of calcium, about twice
as much, which may predispose the horse to hypercalcitoninism and thumps
during a ride.  Rather than adding more phosphorus to "correct" the ratio,
I'd be much happier adjusting the ration so that total calcium was closer to
requirements and checking the ca-p ratio from there.

Again, this isn't a criticism of the site or program, just something to be
aware of. :-)

Susan Garlinghouse
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Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 1:51 PM
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Russ Humphrey
Hey folks.  Just wanted to let you all know that the nutrients website has
gotten both a bit easier and has acquired the sponsorship of Allegra (Land
O'Lakes) feeds.

Go to to check out this line of
feeds and try out some rations without the (agony) of having to enter the
info off the feed tag.

good luck - feel free to let me know what you think.

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