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any NC riders in north of Durham area?

Sharon Settles
Hi Everyone:

I am interested in endurance rides and have been reading
the list's archives.  It appears from the post that there aren't
many people from my area of North Carolina, and I personally
don't know anyone who does endurance riding.  I asked my farrier this
past Tuesday if he knew anyone in our area that was an endurance rider
because I'm very interested.  He didn't know anyone either but
also expressed an interest.  Is anyone on this list from
the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina?  I actually live in
Oxford, which is North of Durham    [go DUKE :-)].

I have a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (a gaited breed) that is
overweight and needs to be worked more to get into shape. Does anyone
ever ride gaited breeds on endurance rides?

Thanks for any info you can provide,

Sharon Settles

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