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Truck Tent


  My parents are finally not only accepting my addiction to horses, they're
willing to shell out some money to further my forming endurance riding
habit.  That's a huge thing, but never mind that now.  They've offered to
buy me a truck bed tent to use on endurance rides.  Mom claims she hopes
I'll use it even if I don't bring the horse along, but what's the fun of
camping without a horse??  :)

They don't have an unlimited budget, so they probably won't spend too much
on this.  I'd guess around $150-$200.  This will be my (hopefully early)
graduation present for when I graduate from the university in December of
this year.  How many people have used truck tents?  Did you like them or
not?  Why?  What brands did you use?  Does it make a difference whether the
tent comes with a floor or not?  (I'd reckon having a floor would not be a
good'd have to unload the truck before setting the tent up.)

My parents came across a Sportz Truck Tent for around $150.  The only
potential problem I can see is the fact that it has a floor.  Anybody know
if you can remove the floor?  Without tearing the thing up, I mean.  Is it
made to be detachable?  I can just see me getting to a ride and having to
unpack my hay, my spare tires, my food, and all the other things in order to
set up my tent.  No.  I don't think so.

If the floor isn't removable, anybody else know of any truck tents similar
to the Sportz, but without the floor?  I checked the archives, but there
wasn't much other than Sportz tents mentioned.

Thanks for any help.

April & Apache (the "AA" team)
Chattanooga, TN

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