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Re: RC: Stocking up

"Stocking up" is leaking of fluid from the joint capsules.  This is NOT
desirable.  It is usually caused by hard work, then standing.  After many
miles of LSD, the joints will be more used to the work and less inclined to
"leak" fluid.  As I said in an earlier post, fluid build-up inhibits
circulation and therefore healing.  So, YES, walk the horse after
exercie...turn-out if preferred.  If you cannot, wrapping will help prevent
this "swelling"


PS: There is an ART to wrapping. Spend some time at a racetrack where wrapping
is standard procedure.  Most of them can teach you how to do it the RIGHT
way..than all it takes is TONS of PRACTICE.

"Glenda R. Snodgrass" wrote:

> > I guess it's sounds like a silly question, but are there reasons - aside
> > from stress, injury or wind puffs - one horse would stock up when an
> > almost comparable horse wouldn't?
> Isn't it possible that some horses are prone to stocking up, just like
> some people are prone to stock up (swollen hands & feet)?  Lakota tends to
> stock up after spending an extended period of time in one place, whether
> he was exercised or not.  I have seen him stocked up after spending a
> stormy night standing in his run-in shed, even when he hadn't been ridden
> in 2-3 days.  He always stocks up when I stall him overnight, no matter
> what he did during the day. But he didn't stock up after our first 50 in
> December, and he didn't stock up at MP (we pulled at 39 miles).  I
> credited this to his portable corral and long highline setup, which he
> uses to move around quite a bit.  I'm sure he'd stock up if I tied him to
> the trailer overnight.  I have learned to walk him briskly 10-15 minutes
> when he has some fill, and so far <knock on wood> it has always gone away.
> I assume if it didn't go away that quickly, then it was stocking up "for
> cause" rather than "just because."  Any official comments on this?
> Glenda & Lakota
> Mobile, AL
> AERC # M18819 & H27310
> SE Region
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