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Re: RC: Stocking up

Karen's point was that swelling would be unusual for her, and would be
indicative of a problem she might otherwise miss. If she wrapped as a
rule, necessary or not, she might not know there is a problem until it
got worse.

I don't wrap for the same reason. Particularly after a really hard ride,
I want to see if there is any heat and swelling, and how much... it's an
indicator of how hard I've overridden a horse. I look in vain, these
days, because none of my horses stock up anymore. 

If there was swelling and/or heat, I'd work like a dog to get it to go
away! Poultice and standing wraps, cool water... 

Shatirr got wrapped a lot... I rode much harder back then, and was
taught to wrap as a rule.

  -- Linda

Teddy Lancaster wrote:
> People wrap legs to prevent swelling. Swelling inhibits circulation and
> therefore healing.  Every strenuous task creates a certain amount of
> damage...the body will heal itself, but if inhibited by swelling (because WE
> restrict movement after exercise), the decrease in circulation with slow down
> the healing process.
> > That's cuz he's conditioned for the work you ask out of him.  I have never
> > wrapped legs.  I want to be able to see them.  If they fill or are swollen,
> > and are would I know?  Wrapping only traps in heat, I don't
> > understand why people do it quite honestly.

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