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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V99 #594

In a message dated 5/26/99, 8:23:57 AM, writes:
<< But he handled it better
then any other 3 year old that I have trained. So why is that?
Can anyone explain this to me, so maybe next time I can defend
my riding this little big horse? (I suppose some day I am going
to have to turn him over to my kids, but for know he is green
and needs an experienced rider, so too bad kids, because I get
to ride him for a while :)>>


  Don't feel so bad. Horses have been bred by man to be big.
 In the wild, they rarely get taller than 15 hands. Ponies...especially the 
shetlands..were bred to be draft horses,( work horses), not riding horses. 
They're strong as the dickens.

Alexander the Great conquered everything from Greece to India. The Mongols 
went even farther..from the east coast of the Asian continent, clear to 
Germany. Both peoples rode ponies.

Don't feel the need to defend yourself against others. I'm 5"8, my Jordan 
(arabian, not a pony) is 14.3 and I get teased all the time about needing 
roller skates...but he goes, and goes, and goes...
If nothing else, once you've got him well and truly trained, you can pert 
near name your own price. A well trained pony can be priceless. (if you doubt 
me, check out the want ads in "Chronicle of the Horse". There's few ponies in 
there that go for less than $15,000.)

What the hey. Have fun on the little guy, and to heck with what other people 
Michelle and Jordan (gee,mom, you mean there's someone who's shorter than me?)

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