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sarcoids and immunity

I have had sarcoid experience, and I got alot from the February
discussions. Here`s my 2 cents.

My three year old mustang mare had her sarcoid frozen off twice.
It grew back once. She now has white hairs and a bald patch on
her shiny dark bay shoulder now. I started her off on the 60 day
vaccine shedule at 6 months of age, and just annually since she
turned 2 (cause she has been acting allergy-like as a yearling,
and that`s what I was told to do!). I am now getting her tested
for allergies, as she has nasty swollen glands under her chin and
coughs even on pasture, and it hasn`t got any better.

My thoughts are the vaccinating have given her the OPPOSITE of a
good immune response. I believe the sarcoid resulted from her
lowered immunity too. (She did have a scrape in that spot, and I
was told that sarcoids are a virus carried by flies, affecting
horses with lowered immunity)

My thoughts on vaccinating are one of those "Damned if you do or
don`t" things now. She has GREAT endurance potential, so I hope I
can learn to manage this and maybe increase her immunity some day.

Anyone had any luck increasing immunity somehow?

Rhonda and Dakota-in-training

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