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Bacon Grease Caution

I have used bacon grease for cuts with good results, too.  I also put it on
hooves to make them shiny!  One caution, though.  I had one incident where
a pony had many scrapes on his hind legs and I smeared him with bacon
grease. While I was at it, I had greased the other two horses' feet.  My
pasture at that time was about half a mile from my house.  My friend who
lives closer heard the horses running and neighing in the night.  She drove
her car to check them and when her headlights crossed the pasture, she
could see about 10 coyotes circling a madly kicking pony.  She said there
were four or five big coyotes and the rest were pups.  The car scared them
away.  Luckily the horses weren't panicked enough to run through the fence.
 None of the horses were hurt but since then, I keep a "greased" horse
where I can see him.  

Debbie Whaley (& Ray & Shah & Angel w/new Shagya baby!)
Prineville, Oregon

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