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More on sarcoids

Thanks for the responses so far.  I've been looking at the
archives, I had forgotten about that sarcoid discussion in
February.  The day that I noticed the scraped spot on his
face was the day we had the vet out to look at a small
puncture wound on his chest.  The vet got there before I did
so the barn manager was holding the horse.  She had removed
the scab on his face and put antibiotic cream on it.  The
interesting thing is that we decided to give him a Tetanus
booster, and since it was almost time for annual
vaccinations we went ahead and gave him the W/EEE which was
with the tetanus.  That was in mid-March.  In mid-April he
got a few more -- Rhino/flu, Potomac Horse Fever, and
rabies.  Has anyone else seen a connection between giving
vaccines and the appearance or growth of sarcoids?


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