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Re: RC: Bacon grease

A few months after I got my first horse some twenty years ago my mare got 
caught in a wire fence after she probably tried to follow two pony mules over 
it.  When I finally found her she was on her side with a hind leg threaded 
high through the fence.  

She had no hide on the back leg from her hock to her pastern.  I was totally 
new to horses and had no idea how to treat her.  The man who owned the barn 
was a long time trainer (Walking Horses).  He told me to keep bacon grease on 
the leg and that it would heal and the hair would grow back the proper color. 
 I have believed in bacon grease ever since.  

Recently another mare got cut going through or over a fence.  Her cuts were 
not terrible, but needed something on them.  I could kick myself for not 
putting grease on them.  They have left scars after five months.  I think the 
grease would have helped them heal without scaring.

As I understand it the salt in the grease helps the healing and the grease 
keeps the tissue from drying out.


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