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Blue eye

>Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 08:56:55 EDT
>Subject: RC:  Actually Not One Blind But One Blue Eye
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>To All Who So Kindly Responded to my One-Eyed Query:
>Now the seller tells me the horse isn't actually blind in one eye (although 
>after hearing about Fritz, I almost wish he were!), but has one blue eye, 
>which is "supposed to" mean he doesn't see as well out of it, although there 
>haven't been any signs of that from this horse (only been on the track 
>though).  So, now my question is--has anyone had experience of an endurance 
>horse successfully going down the trail w/ one blue eye??
>Thanks again!

	My husband's horse has one blue eye.  He has never had any problems with
his horse's (Buster) vision.  My husband has successfully competed Buster
and as a matter of fact Buster is the best trail horse in the barn.  He is
bomb proof and rarely (if ever) spooks.   Funny thing, people remember the
"one blue eye thing".  My husband has had people he doesn't even know come
up to him and ask him about Buster on some campouts and rides we've been
on.  The people remember Buster from before we ever owned him and we've had
him 5 years now.  I say go for it!  Could be the best endurance horse you
ever owned.  Good luck!  Kim in FL

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