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Re: RC: One-Eyed Endurance Horse?

The local hunt club has a member who hunts with a horse who is blind in one
eye. Also I was watching a video of the 1987 100 mile IAHA endurance ride
and the winner was a horse who was blind in one eye. The horse was riden
with a loose rein most of the time.
At 12:01 PM 5/23/99 -0700, wrote:
>Dabney Finch
>Does anyone know whether only having one eye is a drawback for an
endurance horse?  Does this effect going down a strange trail at speed, or
night vision (especially where the rider can't "direct"?)  I like to ride
with a loose rein, with as little direction as is practicable.  Will this
be a problem?  The horse sounds marvelous in all other respects, so I'm
hoping someone out there can give me some input about the effects of
missing that one eye.  Please feel free to e-mail be privately at  
>Thanks for your help!
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