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Equine Chiro's in Southern NewEngland?

Ok y'all, I need some help. My old, semi-retired horse needs a chiro, he definitely has a vertebrae out, looks like the 4th Thoracic. Anyways, he's my backup horse when my Arab is either taking a rest, or acting like a total goof. (see, I made it endurance related : ) I know of one in central CT (Allis Maybank), but am hoping to find one just a bit closer to me. Or some good, positive feedback if you've used Allis. I have someone that can massage him post or pre chiro treatment, so it helps the adjustment stay... I just don't like to see this guy in pain, after all the years & hard work he's done for me.

Hope one of y'all can help.....

Marlana & LL Rheebok & Pocatello Passion (mom, Please! don't ride me )
South Attleboro, MA

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