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Re: RC: Re: Pant Clips// Summer Riding pants

Well I guess then it would have been proper to tell us that responded to
your offer to test for you.
I live in the cold climate of Montana and due to being told it was always
on its way... I went without all winter in waiting... I would have had no
problem in purchasing one.


At 09:29 AM 5/23/99 -0600, Visions of the Wind wrote:
>Actually, after making the first set of helmet covers, I realized that it
>just wasn't worth the time and effort for the little bit of $$ that people
>are willing to pay. I actually have a cover cut out for you, but have been
>so busy that I put it aside and forgot about it  :-(  The helmet covers take
>almost 4 hours to make, while tights take about 1 hours per pair to make.
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>From: Jerri Larsen <>
>To: Visions of the Wind <>;
>Cc: Ridecamp <>
>Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 9:26 AM
>Subject: Re: RC: Re: Pant Clips// Summer Riding pants
>>But, would ordering tights be like the rain hat covers?  I would be a
>>little scared.

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