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Re: Proud flesh remedy?

Sugardyne won't help with proud flesh.  You need to get rid of the proud
flesh, THEN use sugardyne to encourage proper healing of the original wound.
I used dehorning paste (to get rid of proud flesh) on my gelding a few
months ago.  It's for calves and is found at stores that cater to the
farmer, rather than the fancy tack stores that cater to show horses.
Caution:  This is VERY caustic.  A teeny, tiny bit goes a long long way.  IF
you use this, consider shaving a small area around the proud flesh to be
able to see better. Don't put this stuff on healthy skin! To protect the
healthy skin, spread vaseline around the proud flesh before using dehorning

There are some other caustic things out there...ProudsOff (never used it),
Wonder Dust (you're problem may be too far gone for Wonder Dust), and others
I can't think of right now.  Check the archives to find other suggestions.

Good luck,
April & Apache (the "AA" team!)
Chattanooga, TN

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Subject: RC: Proud flesh remedy?

> >From Mary..   Does anyone have a remedy for a lump of proud flesh on the
> lower leg? This started with a small scrape type injury, hind leg, front
> the bone about 1/2 way to the hock. It didn't get infected and was never
> tended to, and now has quite a lump of proud flesh, still scabby looking
> and not healed over. It's my sister's filly, and she didn't want a vet
> so nothing was done for it. (Ignore it and it will go away). Well I want
> do something for it but I really don't want a vet bill either, so if there
> is a home remedy that would reduce the proud flesh I'd like to try it.
> isn't lame, and when I cleaned it up she didn't act like it was sore.
> sugardine help with this?  It's getting to be fly season and I think
> infection is not far off.  Thanks for your help.
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