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New trucks / old cab-over campers

Hi all,

Just thought I would share a lesson I learned and some
information, hopefully to keep someone else from making the
same mistake.

I have a 99 Ford 3/4 ton truck.  Neighbor had a beautiful
condition '70s cab-over camper (self-contained) for sale. 
Took the truck to the RV dealer and had all the tie-down
equipment placed on the truck.  Went to load up the camper
and lo-and-behold the camper would not fit into the bed of
the truck.  Why, you ask?

Problem #1: The bed of the truck was 4 1/2" lower than an
older truck. OK, just build a wooden box to raise the bed of
the truck.  Problem solved.

Problem #2:  The front width of the bed of the truck is 65";
the back width of the bed of the truck is 61".  A difference
of 4".  This means the end of the bed is narrower on each
side by 2" and prevents the camper from sliding into the bed
of the truck unless you offset center by a couple of
inches.  Looks funny, but still tempting. 

Problem #3:  The shape and position of the wheel wells
inside the bed of the truck are  just different enough to
prevent proper forward placement of the camper into the bed
of the truck.  Problem not solved!

Final Solution: regretfully decline the purchase of the
camper, and ruin your keyboard with tears as you type this

Apparently in the early '90s, the dimensions of the truck
beds were changed just enough to prevent proper fit of
cab-over campers that are self-contained.  Probably to
enhance sales of new campers!

So, buyer beware!

Think I will go riding now...


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