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Coe NATRC Ride (Gilroy Hot Springs)

I just got back from 25 miles in Henry Coe Park (San Jose, CA) where I
helped with trail work in preparation for NATRC ride in two weeks,  May
22 and 23. Twenty five miles in that park is a VERY long way! It's steep
terrain, and 25 miles there feels like 40 miles anywhere else.

If you are thinking of trying NATRC, this is a great ride to try! The
ride starts at Huntin Hollow, and goes out around Kelly and Coit lakes.
It is spectacular trail, and is a great way to learn this park. The
flowers are spectacular, the vistas are breathtaking, the fishing is
great (yes!) and it's an awesome conditioning ride.

I'll be doing it with Gavilan - competing this time in "Open". We are
doing Castle Rock next week - slow! - and Coe is the week after. If he
can do those back to back, he should finish Tevis. 

If you are interested in volunteering for riding drag or doing P&R's,
let me know. I don't know if they need anyone, but I can check. Both are
a great way to get to know the park!

Thanks for all of the kind responses about Sam, and heart warming
stories about other rescues... he's doing great, went for a nice long
ride with me yesterday, and is a great trail companion. He.... uhhhh...
well, tried to get on Gavilan with me! I mount from the tailgate (or
anything that gives an advantage) and he just popped up and tried to
join me! Gavilan turned his butt away fast, pinned his ears and swished
his tail as if "No way, mister! Dogs don't ride! You have four legs -
use them!"


  -- Linda


  Linda Cowles                       
  Lion Oaks Ranch

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