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Medical Problem?

I have done some limited distance (25 to 30 miles) and some NATRC
rides with my gelding 2 years ago.  Last year was major dental work,
and a new saddle to get used to.  This was going to be the year I
eventually was going to do a fifty - but work has not been cooper-
ating.  I have been able to condition, but not as much as I'd like.
I took Sorin out for a 2 1/2 hour ride last Sunday.  There alot of
hills which we slow trot up, and do some cantering.  He would stop
periodically, and just wait.  I attributed it to him missing a buddy,
and urged him on.  He peed, and it seemed normal.  Then about 45 min-
utes, later, he peed again.  He grunted a bit, and seemed strain. He
usually never pees more than once, so I was concerned.  He did it one
more time on the way home, and again in his paddock when I turned
him loose, and again after he rolled.  Each time, a decent color, but
a lessor amount with some straining.  I had the vet do blood work the
next day, fearing he had started to tie up.  She thought he might have
been a bit colicky, as the weather had been jumping from cold to hot.
I kept to the arena during the week, until the blood work came back.
The vet said it was normal.  I took him for a short ride on Friday,
and everything seemed fine.  Today I took him out for 4 1/2 hours,
up Mt. Diablo.  He started out a bit slowly, needing urging to move
out.  At one point he started stomping a hind foot, lashing at his
belly with his tail.  I dismounted, but couldn't see a fly.  I list-
ened, and his gut sounded normal.  Another horse came along, and he
happily moved out.  Later we left them and started up the mountain.
He grabbed grass, drank water, and seemed fine - but again, he peed
about 3 times, same color, straining a bit and grunting.  Back in his
paddock, he went again.  Am I being paranoid, or is there something
I am missing?  It is unlike him to pee so frequently.  The vet is gone
for a long weekend.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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