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Need Vet Advice-Help?

> Maybe you could help me with a problem I'm having with my 5 yo gelding. He's a very forward horse, hard to get him to stand after I mount him and always ready to go off at the trot immediately. I've ridden trails with him for the past 2 years and done a few LD rides with him. Now for the first time, we are training alone on roads next to open fields of crops and he's started spooking by planting his r front foot and turning 90 degrees while we're at a good paced trot which makes me go right over his r shoulder onto my butt!!!! ouch. He always seems to spook with his R fore..never on his L. When we ride with other horses he's never done this. Maybe this is a learning curve thing and a trust issue because for the first time he doesn't have a buddy to focus and depend on? He's got all the responsibility for bugger lookout now.

Another thing he does is sling his head to the L occasionally for no
apparent reason and it doesn't matter if he's in the barn or cantering.
He'll just all of a sudden sling his head to the L about 60 degrees or

Someone has suggested he might have a visual problem. Is there any way I
can check him for a field defecit or a spot blindness?

Thanks again,


A friend suggested

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