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Need a saddle

Hi everyone,
I am in dire need of a saddle. I am in Northeast Ohio and looking for a 
Wintec Sport Saddle. I like the ones made out of cordura. You stick very 
well. I think it's an older model. I need a 16" seat. Or, a leather one would 
be nice. (This sounds like a letter to Santa) I don't have much money to work 
with. Have to sell my 16" Abetta cordura saddle first. I love that saddle but 
doesn't fit my mare anymore. It's an arab cut, arab tree. I hope I am wording 
all of this correctly. Don't know too much about saddles. My mare has small 
whithers but is wide on both sides of the whithers. I think my saddle is 
pinching her. I am now using a friends Wintec Sport. I'm also open to an 
endurance saddle of some sort. I need to try any saddle I get first. Anybody 
out there? Thanks, Deb

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