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Sport Saddle

I'm new to ridecamp and subscribed
because of my frustrations with saddles
and hope someone can help me. I ride a
14'2 hand Arab and I weigh 150 pounds.
I've tried two orthoflex saddles (old
and new panels) and always had a bad
sweat pattern and large patches of white
hair. My next try was a custom fit
Sharon Saare saddle and the problem has
only gotten worse. At my last NATRC ride
another competitor pointed out that my
horse does not have the same shoulder
muscle development on each side and said
a solid tree would always dig into one
of his shoulders. I'm now thinking about
trying a Short Saddle, but have heard
they work better for lightweight riders
and I might end up with a soar back on
my horse at my weight. So far I haven't
had any soar back problems, but I'm just
starting to ride open and feel if I
don't get a saddle that fits right my
problems are only going to get much

Does anyone have a used Sport Saddle for

Any help would be appreciated.

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