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Re: RC: Gelding


What a wonderful thing you did.  It breaks my heart to see horses go to
the auctions( I  know sometimes it is unavoidable) because usually they
DON"T get good homes, no matter what people like to think.  It is
especially hard to  see the young ones with a whole life ahead of them. 
I always think(being a breeder and fearing this could happen to one of
mine) that someone must have been thrilled at his birth, and hoped for a
wonderful life for him.  At least I would hope so. ...Maureen

Daniel and Dawna Bynum-Boyd wrote:
> I am happy to report that I have had some interest on that little gelding I
> saved from going to the auction.  I measured him tonight and he is actually
> 14.2 hands.  I  didn't think he was quite that tall...amazing since it seems
> most the time we think they are BIGGER than they really are.  I had a lady
> who is familiar with Arabian bloodlines come and look at him and give me
> some idea about his background, she commented that he is very well bred, a
> Padron grandson, which I knew.  I looked on the internet at his grandsire
> Padron and there's no denying that he is related, he's practically a carbon
> copy.  He is old russian breeding on the bottom and old english on the top.
> She thought he was a nice horse which was good reassurance for me.  I'm kind
> of partial to this little guy with his sweet face and kind eye.
> Thanks to all of you who expressed support and wish him good luck on finding
> a good home.  Keep your ears and eyes open for anyone looking for a nice
> gelding.  He is suitable for children or a small adult.  Until then, he'll
> be grazing in my pasture getting lots of love and attention (much to the
> dismay of my other three horses, who aren't so sure they want to be sharing
> the treats!)
> Dawna
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