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I am happy to report that I have had some interest on that little gelding I
saved from going to the auction.  I measured him tonight and he is actually
14.2 hands.  I  didn't think he was quite that tall...amazing since it seems
most the time we think they are BIGGER than they really are.  I had a lady
who is familiar with Arabian bloodlines come and look at him and give me
some idea about his background, she commented that he is very well bred, a
Padron grandson, which I knew.  I looked on the internet at his grandsire
Padron and there's no denying that he is related, he's practically a carbon
copy.  He is old russian breeding on the bottom and old english on the top.
She thought he was a nice horse which was good reassurance for me.  I'm kind
of partial to this little guy with his sweet face and kind eye.

Thanks to all of you who expressed support and wish him good luck on finding
a good home.  Keep your ears and eyes open for anyone looking for a nice
gelding.  He is suitable for children or a small adult.  Until then, he'll
be grazing in my pasture getting lots of love and attention (much to the
dismay of my other three horses, who aren't so sure they want to be sharing
the treats!)


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