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Re: stretch polartec rips :-(

I wonder what brand you wore, as i have several pairs of polartec riding
pants by Boink that have withstood all kinds of nasty briars and woods for a
couple of years, and nasty little crabapple trees with 4 inch thorns as
well. I know I wouldn't be without mine here in PA winters! <BRRR>

Helga Loncosky
Archival Morgan Record
Beacon Morgan Horses, Ltd.
No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me.
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Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 7:45 PM
Subject: RC: stretch polartec rips :-(

>If you're thinking of getting stretch Polartec riding tights, don't take
>anywhere they can get snagged by anything!  Just wore mine for several
>ride up a trail that needed clearing, and I was wondering if I'd be wearing
>anything besides my panties, socks and shoes by the time I got back to the
>trailer??  Every branch that snagged 'em tore a big hole, and I need to
>some major repairs before I can wear them again.  In contrast, I've twice
>fallen to my knees on cement in my cotton-lycras, and there was no hole in
>the tights, but I had a hunk of skin torn off the knee underneath!
>Karen "Ready" Bratcher
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