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Va Trails Announcement

More good news came today for Virginia trail riders!!
During our Governor's Conference on Trails and Greenways a memorandum of
understanding was signed between DCR and the US Forest Service that will
bring together 3 significant multi-use trails here in the SW part of the
state (South of Roanoke and near Mt. Rogers).  The New River State Park
Trail (57 miles) will connect to the Va Highlands Horse Trail (90 miles
long) and to the Va Creeper Trail (34 miles) to form a new network of 181
miles of trail. From what I understand,  one of those connections takes no
more work than erecting a sign pointing folks onto the next trail.

This trail system is in addition to the nearly 200 miles of trail that we
will begin the feasibility study on very soon. (near Lexington).

Overall, the conference was a valuable tool for meeting new folks and
especially making valuable connections.  While riders were a minority of the
nearly 400 attendees, we were well represented.

Sally Aungier
Chair, Va Horse Council  Trails Committee.

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