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Strange how sometimes it takes awhile for things to sink in!!! Due to
Ridecamp advice last year I routinely dosed my horse with Probiotics
before and after each ride- and sometimes during the rides too. I had
found the best brand I could get over here- imported naturally and very
expensive too!. I never had problems at rides with gut sounds , but
Shaliekah is a vacuum cleaner on legs anyway. During the off season I
never used them as I had finished the last of the barrell. This year i
just couldn't justify the expense of a new container full and did
without. Gut sounds were fine, but for the first 3 X50 milers Shaliekah
went for about 30 km's with the runs - a very loose stool- put down to
excitement!!. For the 100 miler I managed to find some local probios -
not half as good as the others , but with the basics in. Tried the doses
before and after ride and lo and behold... no runs!!!! So, what I am
trying to say is - I am very "dof " (Afrikaans word for stupid) .... and
..... thanks Ridecampers(especially Susan) for the info on probios - I
bow down to all that collective wisdom out there. 

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