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RE: Re: How do you stop your horse from charging out the back of the trailer ?

Both of my endurance horses loaded beautifully when I first started and
as they got more into the sport became more and more excited when they
saw the trailer - there was never a problem loading them as they just
couldn't wait to get in that trailer to go , go , go!!. However, the
unloading started to become a problem for the same reason!!. My new mare
decided to rush out once and ,in my ignorance, I hung onto the lead rein
to slow her down. She went up on her back legs and took off a
substantail section of her nose on the roof edge of the trailer. The
next time I just attached a lunge rein(long) to her halter and stood in
front of her and let her come out as fast as she wanted without anybody
holding tightly onto the rein. She rushed for the first few steps,
slowed down on the ramp and ended up coming out carefully. Thereafter
she loads fine on her own, and I just stand at the back and grab the
lead rein as she comes out when she unloads. My gelding needs someone to
stand in the trailer in front of him and guide him out with a hand on
his chest, but goes out slowly that way.My other mare tiptoes daintily
down the ramp if I back her out.. Different courses for different


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