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Re: RC: Under It All

I've been using Title Nine sports clothing since something
like 1989 or 1990.  They are excellent! In fact, it's time
for another order. I'm not particularly "well-endowed" (not
even close actually <G>), but I can attest to the quality
and comfort of their goods.  Glad to see they have a
website, but I'm not surprised.


Joane White wrote:
> Shopping from the middle of Utah means learning about every catalog ever
> made.  I received a wonderful catalog from Title Nine Sports which had every
> form of sports bra and underwear made for women.  I can't find the catalog
> at the moment but on a hunch, I tried a net search.  Bingo:
> For full figured riders look at Smoothsport Bra lined with Coolmax and
> Underwire Sports Bra II.
> I'm headed out but have some suggestions for the lower half of the body too.
> Joane and the Herd
> Price, Utah
Kirsten (Price) Foruria
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno, Nevada

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