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Re: RC: FW: worldchampionship 2000

> Angie, I liked your translation better.  What the heck is "all the raid in 
> the forest"?

I think something was lost in the translation there. <BG>

The French version said (excuse the strange spelling):

Le site sera magnifique, dipart d'un des plus beaux hippodromes du Monde.
160 km dans une forjt domaniale trhs bien entretenue avec un sol
Le parcours sera trhs roulant mais avec quelques dinivelis (courts
mais raides).

which I would translate:

The site [of the race] is magnificent, departing from one of the most
beautiful racecourses in the world.  160km in a
well-maintained, privately-owned forest with excellent footing.  The
course will be rolling terrain with a few grades/elevations (short but

Okay, Angie, do you believe me now? <BG>

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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