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Re: RC: Re: Black horses & Selecting a Mount

When we went hunting for a mare to replace the old mare my daughter had been 
riding, color was no consideration, frankly. we wanted a well-bred, settled, 
experienced mare, not too big, and sound of leg and wind. we found one as far 
as I can tell, and they are a wonderful, loving pair, a real pleasure to 
watch. During that hunt, I STUMBLED on a bay Fadjur mare - young, a little 
bigger than I wanted but when I met her I fell in love with her, just as I 
had my old Fadjur mare 20 years ago. And so....sigh....we now have TWO new 
mares - and so I have to sell both of my own 3 year olds, but, that's the 
price for a little bit of heaven - that I bought when I was 20 or so - OOPS! 
NOW you know my age!

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